"Art" The Brecht Lanfossi Way

Brecht Lanfossi's work can be understood in the way that each piece is a scene in a sort of vague state of mental functioning where symbolism dominates our minds. However, trying to understand the meaning behind the artist's work is not what was intended in its creation as Lanfossi believes it would be "nonsense" to try and put it into words.

For the artist, his work does not carry the definition of "art" as he doesn't identify with the "grotesque sounding connotation" of the word. His creations are just his way of escaping reality and the superficial, capitalist society we live in.

"For me, making art is all about expressing myself without any limitations and/or boundaries and those things are exactly what inspires me. It's giving me the chance to communicate on certain spiritual ideas and explore the nature of perception. I'm very interested in spirituality and quantum physics so I'm always trying to use those interests as an inspiration too," says Brecht Lanfossi.

"Through transcendental meditation and through spiritual literature, I sort of learned that we aren't our thoughts. I learned that we need to let our thoughts come and go as bright white clouds floating by. Once you see that you're not “the thinker” but the viewer of your ego from a higher consciousness life becomes a lot easier. If you can observe your ego from a distance you are slowly moving towards that higher consciousness and positivity. The wise fact described above is really an endless source of inspiration."


Artist: Brecht Lanfossi

Brecht (also known as Nozem) is a Belgian surrealist collagist/digital painter inspired by dream-like and psychotic consciousness free of reason and convention. He dropped out of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts but never stopped making "art".

Find his work on Instagram as well as online.