As Seen On Instagram: Tie-Dye

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

In case you haven’t noticed, tie-dye is back— and it has been for a couple of months! Celebrities and influencers alike have been rocking head-to-toe tie-dye all over Instagram and we are here for it.

If you haven’t already jumped in on the trend, here’s how you can do it. Once upon a time, tie-dye was the print on your summer camp t-shirt that you DIY-ed with your camp friends and counselor— but not anymore. Here are seven ways you can incorporate tie-dye into your wardrobe, courtesy of our Instagram friends.

The Classic: Graphic Tee

Make it semi-fancy with a blazer like Leandra Medine.

Cover it up a bit with some overalls like Devon Lee Carlson.

Or pair it with bright red pants.

Use it as a swimsuit cover-up for summer like Matilda Djerf.

Let loose with the prints like Lucia Cuesta.

Stay classy with white jeans like Melanie Kieback.

Keep It Simple: Long Sleeve

Dress it up like Lucia Cuesta

Or, dress it down like Reformation.

For Summer: A Bralette

Make It Original: The Button-Down

Wear a button-down style jacket like Nidhi Sunil.

Keep is casual like Zippora Seven.

Take it down to the beach and get a matching hat like Caroline Daur.

The Full Look: A Dress

Make it cute and sexy like Lucia Cuesta.

Make it a midi like Maya Stepper.

Layer it with a white tee like Zalando.

Match your makeup and add some ruffles like Mochi.

Make it high fashion like Bella Hadid at Ralph Lauren.

For When It’s Cold: Outerwear

Wear it on a sweatshirt like Justine Carreon.

Go crazy with the feathers like Nell Diamond.

To Add Some Color: Accessories

Put it on a bucket hat like Anne-Laure Mais.

Or like Justine Carreon.

Add a pop of color with your socks like Olivia O'Brien.