Editorial: Innit

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

From standing out to blending in.

For this concept, we wanted to focus on bringing a recent trend to an international clientèle— mostly young people living abroad. The trend chosen for this series is “The Western Look” and is declined in two editorials. In all big westernized cities, it is quite rare to find people wearing “Western” clothes. For reference, Fall 2018 collections were widely influenced by the “Western” trend.

The first editorial represents the loneliness of coming into a new city where you don’t know anyone, and looking like you don’t belong, wearing the “old” western trend, therefore standing out since, even in a westernized city, no one is dressed with the “Western look”. This idea will then lead to the second editorial which represents foreigners that learn to adapt and integrate themselves into the more mainstream fashion that most people wear. The second editorial expresses a sense of belonging as opposed to the first one that is about standing out.