Honned In: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Daily to Feel Stable

This short and sweet exercise is to help you own your well-being, note I said, yours and not the planet's (who the hell put you in charge, honey?).

So, for the next thousand beautiful days of your life, I'd like to invite you to reach for your heart, not your phone. I don't keep my phone in my bedroom, and I use Alexa as an alarm clock, at least I did back when we needed alarms, now she just plays my shower tunes, and tells me if it's going to rain. You can put your phone on airplane mode, or buy an old school alarm clock as you begin to stop the habit of checking your phone upon waking up.

Why no phone?

When we awake our brains are in a super sensitive processing phase, which means we need to be internal as we adjust from the sleeping realms into the physical, sometimes rushed world we live in. If we can skip the technology, we can increase our telomeres, decrease anxiety and even elongate our lives.

That means instead of waking up and consuming possibly triggering, or annoying texts or social media posts... you are actually able to quietly process your existence and decide how you want to show up in the world. This allows you to start your day with the feeling of joy, versus the feeling of being overwhelmed.

After I've woken up, I like to let my brain roam free for about 10 minutes, pop out of bed, and wash my face. Then, I grab a cup of coffee, fresh off the Keurig, and with my gel pens, I ask myself these questions:

1. What do I need to feel stable, this morning, and throughout my day (meditation, exercise, more journaling...)?

2. What can I do to help my family and friends? How are they coping? Who can I check in with?

3. Once you feel stable in your own little world and if I complete 1 and 2, ask yourself: what does the world need of me? How might I inspire others?

This intentional and simple swap is not selfish but selfless, as when we are in our most complete, happy states; it's then that we can fully show up and serve others. Just think, with 100% brain optimization, you'll find funnier GIFs and you may even be more fun to text, e-mail and communicate with, and that, my friend, is worth waiting for.


Author: Gabi Garrett

She is a published author, and journalist of over 150 platforms including USA Today, Buzzfeed, Apartment Therapy, Elephant Journal, Tiny Buddha, Sivana Network, and more. She now teaches other aspiring writers and spiritual entrepreneurs how to get their work published, and serves as a ghostwriter and publicist, utilizing her editorial connections with ease.

You can find her through her website or on her Instagram.