Spotlight on Paris-based Artist Teresa Turikan

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

As the world is facing a global pandemic, many professions are struggling and the art world is no different. The way art is being showcased and the way artists are having to promote themselves is taking a turn. However, as tough as it can be, artists are also lucky to be able to create from home—which is Teresa Turikan’s case. The Paris-based artist has been continuously painting from the comfort of her Parisian apartment since the outbreak.

Turikan was born in Taiwan and grew up in Australia where she went to QUT University which then lead her to France during her last semester—she has stayed since. She works mainly with acrylic on cotton canvas and paper and her work shows strong Taiwanese influences.

She’s worked on multiple series that each have different meanings and influences. Her series Deconstructed Characters was created from deconstructed traditional Chinese characters that Turikan learned while in Taiwan. Mediterranean Arp represents sun-filled places we’d like to escape to. A Day is similar to what a writer would call his journal. The pieces of the series represent lines, colors, and shapes mixed together to create emotions and events. Anima represents the flora and fauna of Taiwan, which in indigenous Taiwanese tribes are considered to have souls and spirits. And, like a lot of artists right now, Turikan found the inspiration during quarantine to create Household Traffic which represents movements and traffic inside her home.

Teresa Turikan’s work can be found on her website as well as on her Instagram.